Hoping for Incompetence

Charles Johnson of the Midwest Conservative Journal has a rundown of the recent spate of Obama administration scandals, and closes with a sobering thought.

Here’s where we are.  The United States of America is in serious trouble when the kindest explanation for stories like these is that Barack Obama’s presidency is the most dangerously incompetent administration that this country has ever known.

I will hopefully have more if time permits, but there really isn’t any room for even a bit of schadenfreude-ish joy. This is just pathetic.


Our President in Action

This is the sort of thing that just makes you so proud to be an American.

When asked about second term failures, President Barack Obama responded by saying, “Maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly.”

Do not criticize our Fearless Leader. You will only anger him, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Because he gets all cranky and frankly it’s a bit embarrassing.

Of course it will comes as no surprise that our incredibly thin-skinned president essentially surrounds himself with nothing but sycophantic yes-men.

A revealing new book from one of the media’s longest serving White House correspondents reports that President Obama surrounds himself only with “idolizers,” and top aides make sure that those whose view might “shake him up too much” are shoved aside.

In “Prisoners of the White House, the Isolation of America’s Presidents and the Crisis of Leadership,” U.S. News correspondent Kenneth T. Walsh also discloses the extent to which Obama relies on polling for his political decisions including a never-before revealed reelection project to investigate the thoughts and feelings of “up for grabs” voters and another dedicated to helping him build a lasting legacy.